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  • cbd0012003 cbd0012003 Oct 26, 2013 9:53 PM Flag

    New Seeking alpha article

    Not exactly a "buy, buy, buy" recommendation and some inaccuracies ("the company is now producing roughly 27,000 boe/d"). But hopefully the publicity helps. We need to get Harehu to do an article. All he has to do is a comparison of valuation vs the other E&P's. Would have to pull a couple new buyers in. I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates your time and effort with those comparisons, Harehu. Thanks bro!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • There are many metrics that are used in the oil business and without visibility to the entire picture, can mean little. Quality of plays, locations within fields, etc. There is one common trait across all businesses that must be there.

      I like MPO because they get (for the most part) their production from mostly developed, consolidated plays. As a result they have one of the highest production rates per employee of anything I have found. And because of the location of their plays, their people are NOT sleeping in their cars, eating $10 hotdogs which provides for better long term moral. Better conditions and moral, with less burn out and turn over and experience to draw from if they need more. They know the climate, have been in the biz for decades, they are .... home.

      If you have good people that develop a chemistry, they will find a way. So for this reason, I say to MPO, cut costs, sell LA.

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    • All you guys (harehau, me2yousee, boss, boogie, everyone),
      I'm kind of a silent follower of this board and I appreciate the chatter between you guys. I bought into MPO back in July and have accumulated shares from 4.50 to 6. Being a chem engineer I have worked in refining but never on the upstream end. I appreciate the insight you guys offer. While I know message boards are no place to go for investing advice, something tells me you guys are sincere and know what you are talking about.

      Keep it up! This stock seems to have an awful lot of potential!

      Take care, Tim

    • Your welcome, i did look at Sandridge today, fairly bullish analyst on the Miss LIme, NPVs of $2.4 million each on a bunch of wells in their core, MPO's, 50% returns. He felt the play was hurt by Ward and his behavior. But this analyst thinks the Woodford has the potential to be a bigger deal than the Miss, where it is present., it would have the shale characteristics that e and p investors get excited about. The analyst put a $9 target on SD within a year, and it seemed fairly conservative. This is a constructive board, only problem is we may have is not enough balance, pessimism, but hope that's justified. Time will tell.