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  • cherriecult cherriecult Sep 11, 2006 4:10 PM Flag

    Cramer comments on BTU

    its clear this guy hurt coal today - the market reacts to what this guy says (so much power indeed)

    but he doesnt have a good track record - just 2 weeks ago he was trumpeting coal stocks (a good analyst wouldnt be such a short term reaction oriented individual)

    CNBC loses credibility when they offer Cramer, but the crowd loves him

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    • The coal market doesn't function independently from the whole energy market. There's a battle of choices. Do I use
      Natural Gas or do I use coal ? Which is cheaper at the
      time ?

      I know that NG futures into next year are above $ 10. [NG currently is in $ 5.50 dollar range.] So that bodes well for coal in the long run, but energy prices are still in a downfall. That's the trend.

      Cramer announced that he expects oil to drop to $ 56
      a barrel [his lowest figure to date]. NG could be testing $ 5.00 by then, and BTU may be testing the $ 30 level.

      I think we have at least 2 more months left for the market
      to decimate the energy stocks.

      We at least have till the end of this quarter [end of this month] because the mutual funds don't want to show they have BTU in their portfolio [are window dressing] being that its been a loser.

    • Cramer is a trader, not an investor. Two weeks or so ago when he was bullish on BTU, he was right, and the stock went up. If you had traded in and out of it on that run-up, you would have made money. A couple of days ago he warned it would go lower, and not to buy yet. He was right on that too. If you either stayed away or better yet sold short on that you would be thanking him now.

      If you are long you will get a chance soon to bail.

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      • Exactly, people are over reacting to Cramer comments regarding coal

        coal is a very stable sale business with smooth price variations (since they sell based on contract prices, not spot); so to have a stock depreciate by nearly 25% in 5 days doesnt make alot of sense

        coal pricing is not falling apart, it is lower but not falling off a cliff

        seasonal factors are impacting the stock right now, the growing economies are supporting prices and the upward trend will be back soon

    • ya both r loosers.

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