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  • avaya321 avaya321 Dec 15, 2006 2:12 AM Flag

    Cramer on BTU-/-AT&T

    Cramer pumped BTU on his show during July of this year. BTU was at the time, at or around the $51.00 mark.

    I thought about buying it at that price but decided not to do that so I did not listen to the TV show hype.

    See attached 6mo. chart on BTU.

    Cramer is now pumping AT&T and it's at its all time high since 2001.

    Can't help but wonder if this guy is the kiss of death for any stock he promotes on his show.

    Am i'm wrong?

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    • Why don't you educate yourself asshole??
      You probably have no clue as to why the coal stocks are underperforming

    • Greyfox, I think I remember you having some pretty good posts last time i was around here. It's okay with me for people to disagree on price.

      As far as future, it depends on how far your time horizon is. I think the odds favor a downtrend shorter term. I'm not sure where the bottom will be. I'm biased by thinking that the overall markets will reach cycle lows April/May/June 2007 area. Which stock turns up first is beyond me. There is no way for me to know if BTU bottoms and turns up before other stocks first or not.

      All I know is that for right now the down trend has resumed, and another key MA was violated on the downside. It was even a headline today. At some point it will turn into a long/hold again.

    • he's a shill for the big boyz...

    • Its not always true that you should buy the stocks he's bashing (since he has a lot of hedgie friends who can short a stock to oblivion if he is negative on it..)

      but it is almost always true that you should sell or short a stock he is bullish on and touting. He is the absolute kiss of death for any stock in an uptrend that he tells his sheep to "buy buy buy..."

      Also, when he makes a bad call on the upside you can trust him to stick with it as the stock plummets and the bottom comes when Baldie turns negative on it and says "sell". In that case, THAT is the bottom.

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      • I first bought BTU at around $11(split adjusted). A very short time later Cramer said "buy,buy ,buy". I believe BTU was around $15. Not a bad profit .two years later in May of 06 BTU was $73. I unfortunately sold about 90% to soon(stared selling about $30). I have only 10% left and am short Jan Calls @ 50.If BTU is below $50 at expiration I may sell Jan 08 Calls or I may sell and pay the dam taxes.
        I have no idea where BTU will go in the short run but I think it will do well over next three years based on the fundamental need for a domestic source of energy. Sooner or later congress will realize it is not in our national interest to be dependent on Iran,Russia,Venz. for our very existence.
        Oh-yes-my own experince has taught me that charts have 0 value in making long run predictions. charts are a picture of what has happened in the past. The future depends upon hard facts. For example if therte is a nuclear war between Israel and Iran or India and Pakistan coal will go through the roof.

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