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  • bronco_dollinger bronco_dollinger Mar 28, 2011 1:01 PM Flag


    I agree. on 03/16/2011 the volume was over 15 Million, Since Then volume has been decreasing almost every day. Today's sell off has been the lowest volume yet. I am long BTU, I bought just before the Crammer pump. I am new to all of this but from what I have been reading, this is a good sign.... decreasing volume during a sell off.

    I don't think GS sold it's position, nor do I believe many (if any) large institutions have sold off their positions or else volume would have been increasing not decreasing. I think smart money is still with BTU.

    No one knows what a stock will do around earnings, but I will hold it as I don't see the GS down grade to be a good reason to sell at this point. Actions speak louder then words, and right now the low volume means lack of action.

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    • Gee I guess you and I were right. Where do you think we will be by the 19th when they announce? I say at least $75.00. Especially when GS now says oil going to $130.00 by 3rd quarter. Not that they really know, but the market is wanting to go higher. If Obama(highly unlikely) stsared issusing permits, we could see drop in oil and drop in KOL. What say you???

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      • Honestly I do not know enough about BTU’s last quarter to try and predict the price around earnings. I am in BTU for the following reasons:
        1. The Chart looks good. It has 3 channel up bullish patterns developing.
        2. Crammer Pumped up BTU chart and believes it will go up to around 96.00 by the end of the year. Crammer continues to pump the stock during lightning rounds.
        3. Nuclear power will fall out of favor at least in the near future - It is very possible that Nuclear plants will be shut down for inspection for months at a time. Coal will fill the gap in the USA and abroad.
        4. The fundamentals are good.
        5. BTU is in a good position to import coal to Japan.

        Regardless of the price of oil or this quarter earnings, I think coal will be a great stock for the remaining of the year. Unless any of the above change I plan to stay in coal. I am not worried about downgrades from Financial Institutions that are in business to make money for themselves. That is why Financial companies are in business , to make money. They put themselves first before clients, as was shown when they were pushing clients to go long on derivatives when they were shorting the very same derivatives. GS is concerned with its own interest, not ours. If the stock price goes down around earnings I will buy more. It will be the earnings after I think we will really get a good gap up. If we get one this time... all the better. I think btu will trend up at least till the end of the year.

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