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  • elle_cid99 elle_cid99 Apr 30, 2012 4:19 PM Flag


    Coal will be a negative focus for Obama in this election year. He needs to distract voters from his terrible record as president. Expect a lot of bad press, horror pieces out of the New York Times, etc.

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    • Expect Obama to give up ranting about energy for now - he needs votes and will not keep knocking coal - it hurts stocks and the economy. He will do anything to get everyone's focus off the economy - even embracing coal.

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      • One can hope, ggg--but take a look at BTU "max" chart. You will see huge impact of elections. Look at 2006 when Democrats took Congress. Then, 2008 when Obama won. And finally, 2010 when the midterms returned the House to the Republicans. I don't disagree with your "strong buy" given BTU appears to have bottomed. I think BTU could have a nice run through June and even into July if Romney appears to have strong chances. Just a theory I developed after watching the Market in 2008 in response to Obama's perceived chances. Crash in September when looked like he would win. Crashed further in November when he did win. Capitulation followed O's state of the Union. Second crash in Great Depression (after market had recovered to pre-crash levels) occurred after Roosevelt's speech in 1937 (after he won re-election in 1936.) It sent the market right back down and there it stayed until WWII. I think this is the source of Bernanke's big fear about revisiting 1937. Even if Obama shuts up about coal, the industry knows what he has in store for them. And so do major investors. Peabody is in the best shape because of its expanding Australian operations. Just the musings of a small investor.

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