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  • m2bq m2bq May 23, 2012 11:04 AM Flag

    May not be great news but it is reality!

    Not wanting to be too negative but this is the thing that really gets me. They send the kids and money over to fight along with millions and millions of dollars for schools, hospitals, etc. yet when the kids come back we can not afford to get them proper medical help.
    Too negative? I would call that statement brutally honest and a disgusting representation of the corruption in government. We have all seen the ads on the tube begging for donations for our soldiers. Should these men depend on the generosity of private donations? What is the function of government? If your answer is to fleece the sheep, you get an 'A'.

    The current administration also has picked industries they favor. Gov. fleeces the sheep to feed the favored flock of goats, currently those are; Solar, wind, bio fuel, ,, anything but Coal. Coal is too dirty for us 'Great Unwashed' peasants.
    The elitists in the U.S. assuage their overwhelming guilt derived from their opulent lifestyles not by lifting the Third World Nations up, but by pounding the peasants in the U.S. into Third World People.
    Is that a negative statement? Is that a true statement? If true, Can Truth be negative?

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