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  • magicseeker101 magicseeker101 Sep 9, 2012 5:23 PM Flag


    Obama has THE LOWEST TAXBASE IN 30 YEARS LOOK IT UP. He has lowered taxes some 18 times. Its ONLY REPUBLICAN RETERIC that has him as a taxer. All this while Romney’s plan will lower taxes on the rich and cause the middle class to spend more money on health care, schooling and contraceptive health. The republicans have managed to turn some people in such a way they don’t know what up is any more.

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    • Well I know the truth as it pertains to me. My out-of-school nieces still have health insurance through their parents thanks to the new health care bill till they are 25 if necessary. In spite of all the derogatory Obamacare remarks, our health insurance policy has not changed one iota. In spite of the NRA's dire warnings about Obama my home state has passed the castle doctrine (LESS gun control), and Washington D.C. allows concealed carry (LESS gun control) both changes done during his Presidency. Thank heaven there is relative peace on earth the past 4 years (no wars, no terror attacks on american soil, and strangely I haven't even seen a Bin Ladin videos this year). Haven't heard a peep out of North Korea even. The stock market is near all-time highs (barring the coal/NG story as I am painfully aware), and I will pay zero tax on long term capital gains again this year. Don't forget the Social Security tax breaks we've gotten the past few years, bringing home another 2% thanks to that. The last I heard GM & Ford are having record sales and employment levels. Banks are back in the black and lending again at very cheap rates. We refinanced a 30-year mortgage under 4% this year. There's the truth on what matters to me, I don't care what anybody says he's doing a helluva job. Life is good, lets have 4 more years of the same. But cheap NG needs to go away.

    • Obama has the lowest taxbase in 30 years look it up?
      Do you have a clue as to which branch of government controls spending?
      Can obama raise taxes if the republicans tell him No?
      Lemme give you a hint,,,,,,, the answer is one word starting with N and only has one more letter.
      B.O. wants to raise taxes so he can pay them out in food stamps and welfare, but,,, HE Cannot!
      You may think he is god and if he were a god he could, but he cannot, but he is trying as hard as he can. And you will be the recipient of his new taxes.
      But if you recall,,, B.O. extended the Bush Tax Cuts. If you don't recall, LOOK IT UP~! ROFL!
      And if B.O. gets his pathetic obamacare plan in full effect you will see dozens of new B.O. health care taxes hidden in the legislation. And B.O. wants to eliminate the cap gains tax benefits. Maybe the idiot who claimed he paid no cap gains will suddenly realize his dividends and cap gains will be taxed at a much higher amount next year if he votes for B.O. Being basically clueless, I doubt he will realize this epiphany until he gets slammed up the rectum with the results.
      And why are people thinking it is a great idea that they can leave their perfectly healthy kid on their plan until they are 26? Please , will those who know of some idiot that has done it, please tell me the rationale behind such stupidity.
      Obama has the lowest taxbase in 30 years???, LOOK IT UP!??? ROFLMAO!
      You sir should be given an exemption from voting based on your diminished knowledge of how government works and the facts about B.O intended tax increases. ..
      Your dearth of knowledge on the subject is the only reason B.O. can garner votes from such uninformed adorers.
      The trolls dote on his every prevaricating word , enamored as you said ,with his ""RETERIC"

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