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  • dabrogg dabrogg Oct 12, 2012 12:34 PM Flag


    Yah, only the CEO's who support Barry have the right to speak their minds and they are the only ones with morals and ethics. The CEO's that support Romney are all coercive amoral capitalist pigs.

    Tell me,, Goldman supported Barry in 2008 but are supporting Romney this time So did Goldman , who supported Barry in 2008 suddenly sink into an ethical and moral morass?
    Was Goldman all good and ethical in 2008 but suddenly , now, they are nothing but a bunch of debauched greedy pigs?
    Which one is it?

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    • Now that the 2008 financial crisis is resolved, they don't need Obama anymore?

      Goldman would like to see Dodd-Frank (Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) repealed. Romney promises to do that. Sounds to me like Romney wants a rinse & repeat of the Bush years. By the way Romney's personal wealth manager is at Goldman Sachs. Go figure.

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      • Romney promises to repeal Dodd-Frank? It is too bad biased ideologues simply take a headline written by some progressive rag and consume it as gospel. "Despite his criticism of certain Dodd-Frank provisions, Romney did not say which parts he would try to keep if he became president.

        "We're not going to get rid of all regulation," Romney said.

        Small Banks will get hurt badly if Dodd Frank ever gets implemented..
        But of course you know the rules for Dodd Frank (Barney's pitiful legislation) have not even been written yet. October 2012.
        When was it passed? July 2010? And the rules have not been written yet? But more importantly, Has Nancy Pelosi read it yet?? LMAO!

        She is probably still stuck on page 1 of the Unaffordable Careless Act.
        But tell me, why does Goldman Sachs need Romney when they got Barry?

        Justice Department won't prosecute Goldman Sachs for financial crisis

        Published August 10, 2012

        So you see, Barry will do anything to buy votes and troll for donations. Barry wanted Goldman's vote and donations. But Lloyd Blankfein and plenty of other business leaders who share his,,,,,,, values, have realized that the master of mendacity is qualified for one job only. Community Organizer.

        Barry pardons Goldman Sachs. What a swell guy. Such a moral and ethical model who is shouting out to the middle class how much he is against the bad evil banks while he has his hand out for cash., Chicago style donations. Other places they call it bribery. LMAO!

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