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  • telaviv767 telaviv767 Jul 5, 2013 3:05 PM Flag

    I have a solution for all of you dirty energy fools to make your money back, invest in solar, or clean energy cars like TSLA!

    Solar stocks are up 400% to 600% in past year and less than 1% of the energy on the planet is powered by the sun, this is a HUGE business in the future! Coal power is only going to be replaced by solar in the future!:)

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    • What is wrong with you? This is so frustrating to me. I thought that in order to make money you have to buy low. Its the only way. Ofcourse there has to be a very good reason why the prices are as they are. The future is bad and will only get worse!!! The only people buying are market makers. But don't feel sorry for them. A lot ofl my stocks are 'losers'. NOK BBRY MTL YZC ACI BTU EGLE NNA ..... .... Some are former 'losers' (HLTOY BCS LYG DAL UAL NXST TVL SNV KEY...) but that is ok too. FMD is perking up now. As you know Obama is putting them out of business soon since all student loans are federalized now. As for solar my FSLR and TAN and PBW are ok.

    • What, Tesla cars (which only rich CEOs can afford) generate their own power? I thought they had to charge up their battery, using whatever power is available. That means much of a TESLA's power is generated by coal. Solar power will never provide enough power to meet our needs, even though it must be used as part of our power mix. I agree that coal usage needs to be phased out because of its detrimental health effects, but probably by switching to natural gas turbines. If we ever get "clean coal" (a myth put out by big coal and big power companies), it might fit in somewhere.

      You should provide some evidence of which solar stocks have soared this year if you're going to make the claim. Otherwise you just sound like a true believer.

    • I haven't lost a penny on coal stocks. Don't own any and never did.

      Now speaking of "dirty", you're a dirty liar. There may have been a few solar stocks that went up, I don't know. I do know that many more have gone bankrupt. You won't even admit what everybody else knows. Dirty, dirty liar.

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      • American publicly traded solar stocks are on terror this past year, I have no idea what U.S. solar company on the exchanges has gone bankrupt over the past year but I have a feeling it is ZERO!:) Now the Chinese solar companies suck, because those idiots are still building toxic dirty coal plants that are turning their cities into giant cancer producing factories. This will change soon as manufacturing returns to the USA due to the ridiculously low cost of Solar energy! you might want to cancel your trip to China and spare yourself a large helping of lung cancer.:)

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