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  • ford30cabriolet ford30cabriolet Sep 9, 2013 6:43 AM Flag

    It will be interesting.

    Sometime during this week, the House and the Senate are suppose to vote on the US attacking Syria. This is what Obama wants. He wants to attack Syria.

    However, if he is dealt a defeat on this vote, the foregoing action may plummet his presidency into a lame duck status. And thus; It will be interesting to see how BTU's stock price reacts to all this drama.

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    • very well said....was thinking the same thing.

      if we get a lame duck republican pricing on btu we get $30 a share. Look at the first rommney debate. The stock skyrocketed the next day on the possibility of him getting elected.

      first order effect....repubs are good for coal, dems are bad for coal. Its not rocket science...

    • Doubtful as every president has gone to war and Clinton, an extremely popular president cause of the boom times and balance budget, went to war like a dozen times if you include Somalia, Bosnia, Iraq in small scale strikes. Syria is nothing as long as they stick to the strikes which will take a few days and be over before you know it. He's certainly good at wiping out dictators though as both Libya's and Egypt's were ousted in no time in the past year. Add in Bin Laden to go with Assad and you have the 4 Horsemen of Knock out North Korea's and you have a Drive for Five.hahahaha Australia's Prime Minister making that country a commodity a machine again will have a bigger impact IMO.

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