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  • dark_glimmer dark_glimmer Nov 12, 2013 8:06 AM Flag

    New contest leader

    As of 11am yesterday morning, joeschmo_4 became the new contest leader as BTU traded above $21.25 to set a new intra-day high of $21.28. erbium_doper's guess of $21.60 is next in line. The lead will change on a trade of $21.50.

    Entry List:

    8/31 shortcakes_into_toast $36
    8/31 john_jon53 $32
    8/09 historyrepeats45 $25.50
    8/30 mirkomwfritz $24.85
    8/13 resp17zx $24.75
    8/13 lilihsrunner69n $23.75
    8/06 mbear007 $23.20
    8/06 hardbod775 $23
    8/14 sierradayhiker11 $22.00
    8/27 erbium_doper $21.60
    8/31 joeschmo_4 $21.40
    x- 8/06 d.dimascio $21.10
    x- 8/27 cardboy11 $19.56
    x- 8/06 dark_glimmer $19.25
    x- 8/06 rjboxer $19
    x- 8/07 arcas98_98 $18.79 Less

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    • I hope $21.60 is correct short term but low long term.

      the biggest driver albeit, its effect will be unknown for sometime is Chris Cristie of new jersey.

      probability of a republican prez is ramping given that the dems are facing a Vietnam type event with Obamacare and likely to have Hillary who is largely unelectable as their choice to replace the current lame duck.

      long term we get a huge republican premium for all the coal companies.....BTU goes back to $40

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      • erbium just closed out his 25,000 share position.

        I personally think that we are in for very tough times ahead and the stock market is a dangerous place with lunacy at the helm....too much MOMO in stocks that produce nothing.....AMZN, CMG, CRM, NFLX etc. The entire market being propped by money printing politicians. A lot of money being spent on bridges to nowhere....don quixoti windmill chasers.

        Very likely that obamacare is the the black swan event.5% of the population just lost it health insurance and when the obamacare ballon bursts, premiums are gonna skyrocket.... decimating the working class causing a chain of events with unknown severe effects. What little disposable income they had will be gone. Most will just accept a welfare state. Clear out........ take your cash, head for high ground otherwise you can take your chances and ask for a FEMA trailer when feds show up to save you.

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