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  • rexel722 rexel722 Feb 20, 2013 5:00 PM Flag

    Question for seasoned EXG holders

    Looking my my 1099-DIV, when I add the qualified dividends to the ROC, the total comes to more than what I received in 2012 dividend distributions. Interesting enough, if I subtract the foreign tax paid, the result is exactly what I received in distributions. It sounds like fuzzy math to me or am I missing something? By the way when you do taxes, be sure to complete form 1116 to claim the foreign tax credit.

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    • complete it-i can't even figure out the 1116. where does one get all the info. needed to complete this form perhaps from eaton vance? have to know the country tax was paid to and other questions that us shareholders wouldn't know the answer to. . sounds like the irs is trying to discourage us from using the 1116.

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      • I let TurboTax (web edition) do the Form 1116. Here is a list of Q&A choices I made for 2012:

        1. Take Credit
        2. Countries: Defaults to Various
        3. Select: Report Income
        4. Select: National Financial Services (Fidelity)
        5. Review entries = NO
        6. I made the election in previous year
        7. Elect Simplified Calculation
        8. No other income = YES
        9. Foreign tax paid = Paid
        10. Carryovers = NO
        11. Foreign Taxes - Amount appears. Verify the amount against 1099-DIV

        Form 1116 (Foreign Tax Credit)
        Statement: "Foreign tax paid by EXG investment as shown on 1099-DIV"
        Check box A (Less then 20,000)

      • I had 10 cents of foreign tax paid in on my behalf. Didn't file any form regarding it. Already got my tax refund back from the Feds.

        Kel.........holding EOS in my regular account..

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