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  • bsmitham bsmitham May 24, 2000 3:23 PM Flag

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    • What would everybody do if Turk decided to post less? It seems a good number of the posts are used to hammer Turk. This board would go away if he decided to leave.

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      • Just a question? What are the odds that ADIC will
        be trading near 20 before a number of well known top
        stocks are trading 50% above their current levels? I
        would say the odds are pretty good. If the market comes
        back (and assuming the institutions decide to buy
        ADIC), it would seem this is a pretty good time to buy.
        Of course, if the NASDAQ goes further down, this
        goes with it.

      • This board would not go away if Turk decided to
        post less. What I am particularly peeved about is that
        many of us who had good gains and were thinking of
        selling between $80 and $100 before the last split were
        somehow influenced by Turk's posts into thinking the
        fundamentals were so good that the sky was the limit. Of
        course, it's not proper to mention this because he has
        built such a reputation among so many as being such a
        polite, knowledgable gentleman and I am sure he is.
        However, I have been repeating, that those of us who
        follow this board should question the assumptions of
        someone other than ourselves in making timing decisions.
        We were all told how great ADIC was. Lately Turk
        posted that he had sold out at $45 recently. After doing
        this, did he post his actions here? I must have missed
        that. Someone who has established a credible presence
        on this board and persuaded others of the upward
        inevitability of ADIC and then sells into that positive
        creation has created a nice profitable platform. I'm
        peeved he didn't tell us sooner of his sale. I think you
        have an obligation to your "friends" and acquaintances
        on this board who value Turk's analyses to also
        reveal how they are profiting which he has been at the
        expense of most of us on this board. EOM