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  • kg2931 kg2931 Nov 2, 2000 10:51 AM Flag

    Sold my 5000 ADIC shrs today

    Bought 5000shrs of this piece of sh-- a month ago
    @ 14 3/8. Sold it just now @ 13 3/8. For those
    watching this in Florida, it's pnly a piece of s--- from
    the standpoint it doesn't meet my objectives when so
    many others now do. Hold long and should be pleased in
    a quarter or two.

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    • Should have waited till it hits in the $30's. You'll learn how to play tech eventually just don't go through all your money. Good luck Slick.

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      • Howdy Jack, (47-Aerospace huh? you sure about

        Just had to have the last laugh did you. Well, I do
        feel stupified having held this for a month at 14 3/8
        and then sell today at 13 3/8! However, if you've
        been watching this thing daily for last month it's
        been trading between 12 - 14 tops. Then hours after I
        sell it goes to my original buying price! That's
        called Murphy.

        And while I've sat here tying up
        5000 shrs of ADIC, the $ could have and will be better
        spent somewhere else. The time it takes ADIC to hit
        "30's" maybe acceptable to slow burner-afford to wait N
        hold-orthodox longsters such as yourself but, while you're
        doing that, other stocks that have also been beaten
        down will appreciate much more much sooner.

        Funny thing - I've been "playing tech" for about 10 yrs
        now. Trading in the numbers I'm dealing with, my 5 K
        loss today can be offset by a 5-10 K gain somewhere
        else within 1 - 3 trading days.

        I gave ADIC a
        shot (30 days). Like I said, it does not serve my
        objectives as well as others. Others can take this
        experience I'm sharing and use it or, pitch pompous big shot
        messages back at me - I don't care - I've moved on.

        Good luck to you too Slick!

    • DUMB MOVE.Merrill Lynch analyist just was on CNBC
      and said EMC should do very well as storage will be
      hot in the near future.There is plenty of room there
      for ADIC,and they will execute and get their share as
      there is plenty to go around.Look for upside to 16 over
      the next few weeks as spending starts in storage.BAD