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  • freakofnature08 freakofnature08 Jul 22, 2010 9:31 AM Flag

    Entire World Finally Knows the Truth:

    Fox News exposed!

    Fox News has finally been exposed to the entire world for its sole purpose in life: Fear Mongoring, Lying to its viewers on a nightly basis, and its Racism.

    The Shirley Sherrod incident was the final nail in the coffin for what we all can see that network stands for- Hate, Fear,Lies, and Racism.

    I am a white male former republican in my fifties who has had with Fox trying to destroy our country for ratings and serving its neo-con masters and their politcal agenda. Fox is plain and simple Pornography of the right wing idealogues. Only the most unobjective zealots can continue to watch this sick crap.

    Last night I watched as Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow tear Fox apart based on "facts." It was must see TV. I defy any one who has had their suspicions about Fox's reporting of the news or seeks truth, to go and watch last nights shows on MSNBC and dispute anything they reported. I know the haters will say these folks are liberal and they are. The point is they called Fox out on facts - End of Story. Watch the shows if you want the truth, otherwise you are simply a right wing hater and water carrier that can't handle the truth and I would be wasting my time trying to convice you otherwise. Fox and its viewers are mindless and heartless.

    Fox turns truth into hatefulness, intellectual accomplishment into elitism, confuses justice with socialism, and treats ignorance as a virtue.

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