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  • texmac2323 texmac2323 Jul 14, 2011 3:57 PM Flag

    Fox Noise Pay Back

    Fox Noise Pay Back

    Rupert Murdoch's chickens have come home to roost and the FCC, should suspend his broadcasting license and force him to dissolve his right wing criminal propaganda networks, including his Wall Street Liars Journal. Murdoch, hired Karl Rove, to work for his Wall Street Journal after the disgraced Rove was forced out of Bush's White Lie House and his 1st article for the WSJ, was another one of his lies about the Iraqi war. In that article Karl Rove, claimed that it was the democrats who forced Bush to invade Iraq, because Bush, wanted to wait and let the weapons inspectors do their work.

    Rupert Murdoch, promoted the Bush Stem Cell Doctrine in America, London and Australia, and he recommended his Fox Noise reporter Tony Snow Job, to serve as Bush's White Lie House Press Secretary and together they promote the lie about our finest stem cell researchers paying poor women to murder their babies so they could get their hands on their little Snow Flake stem cells and perform Nazi experiments for profit.

    There is a U-tube video out where Rupert Murdoch, admitted that he promoted Bush's Iraqi oil war. Murdoch, tried to influence a presidential election when he promoted a Swift Boat Lie, in 2004,to help George AWOL Bush, get re-elected. Murdoch, knew that the Swift Boat Liars, did not serve with John Kerry in Vietnam. In fact the Swift Boat Liars arrived in Vietnam 6 month after John Kerry's, tour was up.The Swift Boat Liars, were funded by Texas Oil Billionaires.

    It just breaks my heart to know that the Saudi Royals, are going to lose their Seed Money on their Fox Noise investments.-----tex

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