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  • giggles9977 giggles9977 Jul 15, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

    Selling into the week-end

    Hate to do it, but I'm selling my long term holding as I sense this week-end is going to bring the sharks after all the blood floating in the water.

    Taking a loss, but this selling is only the first wave. Expect to see two additional waves of 5-7% selling and a pps falling into the 13's before any base is formed. Unfortunately, don't see any future catalyst that will take away the uncertainty surrounding this equity. Yes, the buyback sounds good, but is rarely effective and there is no guarantee that the purchase will take place.

    Uncertainty is the death knell for stocks, and this one carries too much for my taste. Good luck to all those longs holding here.

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    • Pieces of this company are to be broken off.
      Eiditor who was in charge during most fo the hacking in London has been runing Wall street Journal,,,, they will look into his activities here to see if he brought t MO with him.

      RMs suitability to have control of media outlets will be challenged,a dn his taking charge of school programs will be broken. Pieces to all off again and again.

    • Looks like bad news will be coming out not daily but hourly, it is very hard for me to imagine how can anyone stay long on this stock.
      The only people are buying now Murdocks and Prince Alwaleed (second largest shareholder) just to keep the share prices from collapsing, it will not work.

    • Hi I'm honest John. I'm a long really but things are getting too scary so I will bail. Ignore the 8 billion dollar stock buyback. Ignore the positive PR that is coming out now like the Brooks apology and the Murdoch apology. Ignore the fact that News Corp hired a pro PR firm to handle the damage. Ignore the stock book value and all the cash the stock generates. Forget the analysts that LOVE the stock and say it is worth AT LEAST 21.00 a share. Instead be scared. Don't look at the facts but be scared because its a weekend. I am a long you know...really! Honest! Oh, and the stock is going to drop in waves because well I say so and thats a fact! The company is going into a bottomless pit! Yeah that the ticket! Did I tell you my girlfriend is Morgan Fairchild?

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      • Whoa, you think an apology from Murdoch coupled with Brooks' resignation and a PR campaign will stave off the British inquiry.....and the FBI investigation...........and the politicians who just love this kind of crisis as they get a chance to put their faces on television.......and the advertisers who are now under public pressure to pull ads from the NWSA.

        Seriously, you are kidding yourself, right?

        This stock will not base until it reaches 13's.

    • yes, sell your cheap shares today, great. That is how others make good returns during uncertain times. Especially when a company like this generate cash left and right. Adios!

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