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  • speculawyer9 speculawyer9 Jan 24, 2013 2:50 PM Flag

    Oil shale pump & dump scam

    Hat's off to the promoters who have pulled off a good pump & dump scam with this one. They are relying upon the confusion between nearly worthless oil shale (AKA Kerogen) and the very valuable oil extracted from some shale formations often known as "tight oil".

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    • Feb. 28th, 2013.......Linc up .47 cents a share on a one day jump....I am still doing research on this stock, wish I had bought a starting stake a couple of days ago. I hardly think it's a pump and dump.....250 miles N.East is the Cooper Basin with large reserves, and large players with boots on the ground, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon, and others all taking a seat at the table for the feast. Arckaringa Basin has stronger reserves and Linc is in the drivers seat for leases, and closer access to the southern export terminals already developed in Adelaide. Principal Financial has a international fund holding Linc, my broker advisor, and my portfolio are under the Principal Financial/Princor management. I have asked my broker to contact the fund manager for any and all information on Linc, and their decision to buy the stock.....they own several other mid to large cap players down under who operate in the E&P oil and gas sector. The majority of the funds, and institutions are buying Linc since 9/2012 and up to current YTD holdings.....BlackRock being the largest position. Are the big money managers wrong? I'll follow the money trail....buying soon.

    • Their are alot of big players interested in this find including China's CNOOC. Barclays bank has been hired to find operating and service partners for the capital needed for new rigs, pipeline, & infrasturcture service providers. Sorry dude, this find has the potential to alter the world economics of oil & gas.

    • so who is responsible for the pump and dump? Company? or big shareholders? i saw a massive report signed by several professionals with photos attached. kind of reminded me of Rodinia's 30 page report that touted blue skies in Australia. Only 2 wells drilled ... pps nosedove to pennies after burning through millions. Rodinia (44 km West) has popped on the Linc report. Are you doubting the good faith of the authors of the Linc shale report? Or are you simply sniping a perceived pumping of such information?

      Guess you must be a legal barracuda on the prowl for a client?

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