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  • jpnick_1999 jpnick_1999 Jan 7, 2004 4:53 PM Flag


    i am new to this stock. when will they give
    the distribution ex div and settlement date.
    thought they would have given by now. i bought
    today assuming a 12-12 ex div date. takes 3
    days to settle

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    • just wondering

      live near dayton, that sounds exciting! LOL

      actually i couldnt even tell ya what living in dayton is like. i was drunk and then some all 4 yrs. had a great time there.

      i can still taste the cheese steaks from milanos and the skyline chillie.

      man i really used to eat that stuff.

      to be young again

    • I went to University of TN, I just live here in Dayton....Waynesville actually.

    • i went to UD.


    • And by the way Rockydog 2 points for you:

      1. How long have you been a shareholder for, if at all?

      2. At least I'm not too old to still get mine up (if you want to start throwing words around)

    • As I said I have made money on this both in capital appreciation and distributions. I bought in at 12.69 (over 3 years ago) so I'm not up all that much in terms of share price. No, the yield isn't bad, and yes, I am pleased that I'm up in share price (finally). That doesn't mean that management has done a bang up job in terms of dealings with this company. When I say I'm not surprised by the dist cut I mean that this is yet another thing they have done without regard to shareholders. However, and at the risk of sounding hypocritical, I can't find something better at this point that is quite this secure that pays this much. Although I would admit that I wish I had bought ERF 3 years ago when it was at 15 instead of this like I was going to. If you were a member of this board 2 1/2 years ago when they did the reverse split you'd see some nasty posts and if you have been a shareholder for as long as some of us I'm surprised you don't share this opinion. Bottom line is that the payout is still good but I think it could be better. This company, IMHO, could be at the same level with ERF right now if managed correctly. And, no, I'm not going to sell and buy ERF-the share price is way to high. Again, this is all just my opinion

    • the only thing erik has held for 4 years is his dick

    • erickcs1, I have a question for you..

      You seem to express an opinion that PTF's management is just a bunch of bunglers, yet you say you have continued to hold this stock for 4 years.... Why would someone who holds this opinion continue to hold for 4 years..? There are other CanRoys!

      You say you "weren't surprised by the disty cut".... so did you sell in anticipation of it?... I mean after 4 years of management ineptness you cannot possibly have a capital gain tax to concern yourself with... can you?

    • what makes you qualified to assess management?

    • go bash somewhere else.....only 7100 shares traded...volume too low to be concern to anyone

    • If it is halted, look out below when it opens. I think $13.70 will be a memory....
      Again, thanks to managment for doing your jobs so well and screwing your shareholders.

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