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  • MINCE38 MINCE38 Feb 2, 2004 11:30 AM Flag

    why cant I access PGH and PWI board???

    Anyone having problems accessing PGH and PWI boards. PGH is tanking like a rock and one of the posters have a headline that the refinery is on fire and I cant read the darn thing. Also, why is PWI and PGH boards all connecteed. How does one tell yahoo! about the problem. I am trying to ascertain if this is a huge buying opportunity for PGH as this seems to be panic selling on a moot press release. They flat out state it will not have any effect on 2004 distributions.


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    • MINCE38: (ot) PGH & PWI links

      You wrote:..."why cant I access PGH and PWI board???"...

      Over the weekend, I posted several messages on most of the CanRoy boards explaining the problem. Yahoo has linked a new Value topic board to the PGH and PWI boards. All that can be read are the subject lines of the messages that are being posted to that new board.

      Try the following:

      PGH and PWI, bookmarked (make favorite) the links:

      PGH board:

      PWI board:


      If you are still trying to access either PGH or PWI message boards using a Yahoo "message" link, you can access the PGH board or the PWI board using the "Direct Trick": Click on post message, then click cancel when the blank message opens. This will take you to the list of posts on the board. Click on a message to see if it opens for you.

      You can also switch between the PGH and PWI:
      Look just above the Yahoo lines that say, Welcome, xxxxx, xxxxx Options - Edit Public Profile - Sign Out
      Notice the words: Top > Business & Finance > Investments > Value >
      Next to Value > will be the board designation will be PGH or PWI, depending on which board you tried to access using Yahoo's "message" link. Click on Value and it opens the following: Topic and you will find PGH and PWI listed in Value.

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