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    • per general accounting office document 03046 the US gas supply breaks down as follows.

      US wells 85%
      Canada 14%
      Other 1%

      Seems there in no import from other sources. Looks good for LNG tankers such as Nordic American NAT. Modern double hull units. Uncertain extension of BP charter holding it back. But the spot market is also down to about $13m a day.

      Just declared a .78 Div, their site looks at 7 different possible solutions, of course BP is on the hook for 1 more year, and they must announce renewal one year in advance. So if they renew it will be 2 years of assured dividends. DD but very high risk reward

    • one I didn't say gas wouldn't be stock piled this summer. sell if you want it is your choice, me i staying right here, the fact is Alan Greenspan himself has side there is a storage out there and there is nothing the govt. can do in the next 9 months to fix it. Yes when possible gas users are swtiching over to coal and oil, this is putting then pressure on those prices. oil has since go up to $31.00 while gas prices came down, does this now mean all those that swtiched to oil will look to go back to gas? Who knows . Gas storage has increased because it has not been hot long here in the north east, if fact today is cold and raw, . I betting that in the near future gas prices will remain elevated, you want to sell on the bet that they don't go ahead there will be someone ready to buy your shares.

    • Last night another new story about our natural gas shortage. Recommeded importing more gas.
      I moved my sell to 11.

    • don't bullshit here. The US electricity usage is making new high this year. Use 1997 data as a reference?? what are you talking about???. The electricity usage today is 25-30% higher than 1997. 1/3 of electricity is using NG today. Stop bullshittiing. Too bad, after your last bullshitting post, NCN made new high.
      Stupid shorter, get out here!

    • July 10,2003 open-high-low-last

      Natural Gas Aug 03 5.266 5.294 5.258 5.271 +0.013 17:56
      Natural Gas (NGU3) Sep 03 5.310 5.330 5.297 5.313 +0.013 18:16
      Natural Gas (NGV3) Oct 03 5.490 5.490 5.330 5.348 +0.015 18:16

    • Nine out of ten houses built today are Natural Gas, we have had a housing boom for the last four years. Most electrical plants built today run on Natural gas. Greenspan said today that the natural gas crisis is real and won't be corrected anytime soon.
      So far we have had a mild summer, but summer was late last year, it was not hot until July thru the first part of Nov. also winter was late. People are moving to the south west, it is hot in the south west.
      I'm going to sit back and collect my 16% because I know that Ng prices aren't going back to 2.50 anytime soon! Not to worry.

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