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  • blakhawkdrvr blakhawkdrvr Oct 15, 2010 9:51 AM Flag

    Don't Worry about insider sells

    It was posted that a number of the insiders sold a portion of their shares, but I am pretty sure it is just profit taking. I did the same. Hard to pass up a 96% increase.

    They love their company and are committed.

    I would think we will be seeing a split soon as they are $3 over the last time they split. I would love a 2-1, but history is always 3-2. If went 2-1, we would be looking at a sub $20 which would bring tons of people to this stock and be back to where we are in no time.

    A hope and a dream.
    If they split 3-2, and price goes up roughly $5.50, they will hit the Billion Dollar Market Cap.

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    • I don't worry about insider sells, but I also suspect they are taking profits now because they know the stock is peaking (temporarily). NEOG rarely stays above the 50 day moving average for long periods of time and it flattens out afterwards, for awhile.

      The same holds true for the splits, there is a nice run-up prior to the split, even a little after the split, but you can still buy at the split price up to 6 months later.

      I've never sold a share of NEOG, although I'm certainly tempted to trade in and out a little when I see this sort of thing. But, I also know that there is no reason to get greedy, I'll have a very substantial return by simply doing nothing. And laziness has its charms.

      So, we'll get to a billion in market cap, but barring some extraordinary event, it will be another year to year and a half before we get there and stay there. Of course, if they don't split soon, it might take a year to a year and a half to get there, as well.


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