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  • kfanchir kfanchir Jul 23, 2005 2:29 AM Flag

    Liquified Natural gas

    Can anyone suggest some pure play LNG stocks with potential ? I heard Cramer mention this one the other day on his show, so I'm starting my DD here.

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    • just remember, once the LNG is gassified it will enter into the EXISTING US pipeline system... and the piplelines are like toll roads... not exciting but nice toll collectors...

    • STO is bringing on more gas including LNG for shipment to US.

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      • The biggest provider of LNG to the US market has been, and continues to be, British Gas. BRG is the trading symbol for their American Depository Receipts on the NYSE. Their LNG to the US is primarily from Trinidad but also from Algeria and soon some also from Nigeria. They're also big providers of LNG into G.Britain, Italy and India from both Algeria and Egypt. They're not a "pure play" on LNG, though, as they're also an international O&G E&P, which is the largest overall portion of their combined businesses, and they also run power generation operations in South America.

    • You might take a look at MCF. Not a pure LNG play, but they do have an interesting position in the Freeport terminal with Cheniere. Also, Ken Peak, the driving force behind Contango (MCF) is an entrepeur's oilman. Lots of different ideas. And, he basically has all his networth tied up in MCF. He's also on the BoD of PTEN.

      I first learned of Peak from the Enercom presentations in Denver last August. I expect Peak will present there again this year.

      MCF also has several blocks of the shallow water GOM tied up, has shot it with 3D seismic and is providing the computing power for independent geophysicists to search for prospects. MCF had the bargaining rights on any prospects they find.

      I am long a few K of MCF. I consider it my "wildcatter play".


    • Atlas Copco receives the first contract from the natural gas industry to build compressors to convert natural gas to LNG for shipping industry. Found it on yahoo stock quotes. Check out atlas its listed in the companys headlines.

      It has had a good run since I had invested here last year including a 3 for one split. I'm sticking to it unless the swedish currency drops more and it has been dropping.

      I beleive this to be a way to play the LNG game but its only one mans opinion.

    • Pure play LNG stocks are tough to come by. Cheniere Energy is one, but it's already had a huge run.

      Most of the resource plays are owned by the majors like XOM, BP, Shell, or ConocoPhillips.

      There are a number of companies that are building the regas plants like Chicago Bridge and Iron.

      Personally, I haven't found a good pure play investment in this area.


    • not sure if these are pure liqueified natural gas plays are not. heare are 3 energy picks that I like with UPL as my favorite.

      Tex Pickens (big energy investor) has KKD (Kwiksilver) as his biggest holding. the stock looks expensive for its p/e. but the market cap is very small and it moves very fast.

      UPL has an incredible growth rate. they have huge reserves in the Wyoming area. I think their reserves are connected with the Green River, which has a ton of oil in the area. the stock and company are amazing. Superb management. an IBD pick. volume is excellent and the stock has very strong technicals.

      someone mention PPPL on another board. it seems to be a solid play and insiders were buying a solid amount of shares.

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