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Randgold and Exploration Co. Ltd. (RANGE) Message Board

  • stockspy1 stockspy1 May 3, 2003 11:56 AM Flag

    Bet your farm and buy all RANGY....

    All You can, as Gold price has entered in secular bull phase from last week. Dow is likely to plunge over 800 point in one week sometime after May expiration week.

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    • Spy: While I can not endorse "betting the farm", I certainly agree that Rangy is probably one of the highest potential PM stocks available. I have recently swapped just about all of my HMY for Rangy--and I really loved HMY! 'came to the conclusion that ZAR effects and SA political considerations together will "hamstring" that beautiful company. HMY will do "ok", but until the ZAR falls back considerably a lot of the sparkle will be muted to say the least. Now, what to do with my DROOY!??? Higher POG would be nice. Once we get to a sustained $400+ level these companies will fly. I remember the early 1980s when the Rand was about 28 cents (roughly twice present level). ASA was around $60 and paying 6-10% divs. So, at higher POG the Rand problem becomes much less troublesome. I think/hope history repeats itself! Good Luck!