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  • kretchmard kretchmard Mar 2, 2010 3:59 PM Flag

    today and dividend

    I stand corrected, NYYANKS and TREEFROG. I bought it on the 24th at 11.25 and noted that the difference between the closing price on the 24th and opening on the 25th (per the Yahoo interactive chart) was .10, about the amount of the .11 dividend. That chart might correct for the ex dividend, I'm not sure.

    I never thought about this stock as one to jump in and out of, but it has high volume and seems to jump around for a utility, so I can see how that would work out.

    I'm in NVE for the long term dividend, with some potential for growth. NVE is a relatively high cost producer. I also bought AEE, a very low cost producer with a higher dividend for balance.