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  • boar292hog boar292hog Aug 18, 2012 9:26 PM Flag

    NVE smart meters!? LOL... !

    A benefit to the consumer is more awareness of usage etc.!? You mean the monthly bill isn't enough? LMAO!

    Okay let me get this straight, its hot, people are using more electricity via AC etc. No they can be more aware of how much they are using and they can adjsut accordingly? When its hot? What? Are they going to turn off their AC?

    Forget the smart meter issue, your LITERATURE...and reasons /Pro's for consumers is some of THEE most ridiculous reasoning I've ever read!

    Do you reallt hink the average consumer is sitting there shaking their head in agreement that this is better for the environment and gives consumers more details!? WOW......unbelievable.
    Okay, the very day a hacker disrupts the service by affecting these smart meters OR, the meter for whatever reason malfunctions, you can reconnect my old one. Deal?
    Oh and with a few years should be hard to determine any deviations outside the norm so be ready cause I guarantee you, we are! LOL!

    This wouldn't be a nig issue for me except the way you try to justify it as a goiod deal for the consumer! LOL! Well if it brings your costs down, I sure hope it brings mine down! I mean with meter readers virtually gone, NVE is ginna be saving some super costs! I guess we'll see.
    I wonder what happens to utility stock prices when interest rates start going up?

    NVE you've done a great job stock wise. Maybe you should try being alittle more SMART about your smart meters and stop insulting the average, most casual of observers who can read right through your bogus PROs for the consumer! LMAO! Who writes this stuff?

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    • I am sorry to keep pounding guys but look, your literature and the benefits are about as serious as an SNL skit! COME ON! I can't get over this.......R U saying.......that the average consumer is going to say

      "...wait a minute! Don't anyone turn anything off! I'm gonna run out side and check the new digital meter! I want to see how much electricity we are using right now!" ?

      R U kidding me? To borrow terminology from todays mindless generation, OMG !

      On a serious note, its as though the utility industry had to search long and hard to come up with ANY benefits because lets face it, the money you save on meter readers is going to pay the 150 million the gov't doesn;t give you and by the time you recover your cost, our rates will have gone up 3 or 4 times!

      Whats that old saying? Something like you can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig? LMAO!

      Keep making shareholders money and please, review and consider THOUROUGHLY, the literature you PUSH onto YOUR OWN consumers OOPS (!), I mean CUSTOMERS! Thank you.

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      • Yeah, it's all BS!

        You made very valid pts. That 'smart' meter junk costs tons of money & for what/who? I wish NVEnergy would publish the cost of this INCLUDING the FED's $ into this.

        It's a waste of money that the consumer and taxpayer fund.

        Don't let the scum gvt & company kid anyone, this is to watch/monitor people & look for spikes. We're living in a fascist society now.

        Yet the officers get 'promotions' to newly created jobs for doing, uh? er? How's the weather?

        It's so they can say they haven't gotten a raise, but they did get a raise.

        Bunch of crap.

    • "...big issue"....