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  • mmichaelr mmichaelr Feb 1, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    Just by Annaly!

    First REM inception date May 1, 2007 so cannot realyy have a 5 year comparison. But, your point is well taken.

    Second if you do not like/ own REM for the obvious difference in diversifcation, then, what are you even doing posting on this board.

    Personally I own REM at a decent buy point and two agency mReits and two hybrid mReits. In addition Fidelity's Real Estate Income fund for active management.

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    • I am hesitant as a dividend investor with modest growth in equity to go near anything in the real estate market. Reason-> Who knows what kind of poison/toxic mortgage, legal gambling business model someone is thinking about putting together and what this country does not need is another 2008 meltdown.
      ETF's, I have to admit, I am a little wary of, because they seem to have large fees associated with them...getting in, getting out, management in the middle,
      If I prefer to stick with solid infrastructure based units, such as mid-stream and pipeline MLPs, they pay pretty darn well, there is little or no tax consequence.

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