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  • misterbla_bla misterbla_bla Jun 7, 2013 9:53 AM Flag

    Time to get serious!

    It's probably time for this board to decide what it wants to be when it grows up. Do you want to discuss cd rates and amateur investment strategies? Or do you want to get some insights into gim? In order for the latter to succeed, it's necessary to attract some fresh faces. I tried to contribute to that, just a little, by reminding you of the 25% stake you have in Korean and Polish paper, I'm not sure why that received such a snarky response from one poster. I don't have time for #$%$ contests with little boys and I doubt that anyone with valuable thoughts about gim does, either.

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    • blabla, consistently refusing to answer simple questions with the sad excuse he feels bullied, now presumes to become the Czar of the board, setting narrow limits of discussion here.

      He previously announced his refusal to discuss “income investing vs. growth investing, principles of portfolio management, sector allocation or long-term investing.”

      He also won’t say whether he actually owns GIM!

      His sneering comment that this board needs to grow up is more a reflection of his own crabbed, autocratic personality than the historic reality of the vigorous, free ranging discussion we have had here. The little chap, who seemingly wants to be dictator of topic selection, has grandly announced he doesn’t “have time for #$%$ contests” on topics he can’t handle. So perhaps the best plan for this important investment sage is to go to another place where his valuable time won’t be wasted!

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