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  • ashland01721 ashland01721 Dec 16, 2012 6:43 PM Flag

    More cost basis questions

    More info needed - Fidelity has my PSX listed as a short term unrealized gain even though these shares were derived from COP purchase well over a year ago. Can anyone help?

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    • Why don't you go to PSX's home page, contact/email 'investor services' and ask them? It is possible that your Fidelity account misinterpreted the PSX spinoff, in terms of length of ownership. If Fidelity is wrong, they you must contact them personally.

      In another thread, you bring up the same question. And someone gave you the official IRS form for the transaction. This form was straightforward, it said that your PSX had the same 'shelf life' as your COP shares.

      So quit whining about your problem on a message board. Take your IRS form to Fidelity or contact PSX's investor services and then take the information to Fidelity. If you can prove to Fidelity that they made an error, they will rectify it.

      But it's time to grow up and take responsibility/action for your own investments, rather than whining about them on message boards.

    • If those PSX shares were spun from COP and you acquired COP 365 days ago then any PSX transaction is a long term event

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