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  • artsbest artsbest Feb 1, 2013 1:53 PM Flag

    High call option lately

    They're getting lucky today. 4:1 ratio in favor of calls lately. Thank "I'll bend over anytime" Bernanke for this. PSX is in a hot sector now and has been for months but overall the stock market is totally being "goosed" with Bernanke's $4T "free-for-all" hail Mary BS. Just the facts mam. and where was Ben when the housing market was being scammed into the abyss? Probably at his chess club doing what nerds do best.

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    • Sounds like you weren't paying attention to Ben back then.

      Ben saved the crashing stock market in '09. Turned it around with one announcement. I would challenge you to look up what that announcement was. We owe him much and King Obama nothing.

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      • Boy are you lost man. I hope all the money your throwing around is the Monopoly kind. Bernanke is a complete inept moron pal. A nerd who thinks riding around in a military helicopter makes him a man. Ira has doubled in 3 years. Owns 3 homes. Have you caught on yet dude? No, I didn't think so. Nor will you.

        Going through life being a stupid, old, white, redneck is the stuff graves were invented. Do mankind a favor Slick, buy some rope.

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