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  • stock_option_investor stock_option_investor May 19, 2014 11:37 AM Flag

    Subpoena just part of a widely cast net, not LBIO specific

    The Subpoena is probably just part of a widely cast net and nothing to do with LBIO specifically, but rather checking on all companies who did business with the one under scrutiny to see if they got those guys on an isolated case, or if their wrong doing was more widespread. Nothing wrong at LBIO, just one of the companies they did business with - did wrong.

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    • Or on the other hand Galena's stock marketing plan was/is the same marketing program for Lbio stock to the unsuspecting public. Singh makes a false move an its curtains an they don't need no stinking warrant to tap his phone computer an same ih his secretary an the schmoes in SF.
      i paid a very high price for my stock and am not happy at the slightest hint of dishonesty

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      • "the unsuspecting public"? Who is unsuspecting? Certainly anybody who invests in a stock must do their due diligence. The company files all the standard reports with the SEC, so who can claim to be "the unsuspecting public"?

        Why single out Singh? ANY company who "makes a false move" will be in trouble. This isn't anything specific to LBIO, but any company at all who makes false moves will have trouble.

        Who "don't need no stinking warrant to tap his phone computer an same ih his secretary at the schmoes in SF"? Who is it that you claim doesn't need to follow U.S. law? Why are you so hateful of LBIO that you believe the U.S. law no longer applies and anybody who wants to exact some rogue street justice is justified.

        In our country it is innocent until proven guilty - and yet nothing wrong has even been hinted at. So what's your beef? Do you have any idea how many subpoenas lead NOWHERE?83% of them.

        So while you may be jealous of the CEO or hateful of the company, don't pretend to undermine the entire U.S. legal system to satisfy your personal grudge.

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