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  • tie_dyed_tycoon tie_dyed_tycoon Apr 4, 2004 8:00 PM Flag

    I believe that we need to start writing

    What company are you referring to? You seem a bit naive when it comes to Corporate governance. If you think that Equity dilution might be considered a sign of a lack of integrity, you ought to realize that your point of view is rather narrow and self-centered. When they state that corporate officers have an obligation to stockholders that would be like your High School Civic's teacher telling you that in a court of law you are innocent until proven guilty. In fact it is overwhelmingly the case in American courts that any defendant is considered Guilty upon entering a court-room. In fact he is considered a lower form of life than the people who waste their lives away in that courtroom. Only when you have spent some time in these sordid places do you actually realize what the truth of the matter would be. The same goes for BK courts. All your letter writing won't do you a bit of good.

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