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  • vickersviscount vickersviscount Sep 5, 2006 2:56 PM Flag

    Tender offer from TRC Capital. . .

    did anyone get this yet from their broker material? Is this good for the price of SO?. . .I also own DQE, and they are being taken private by a similar firm. . .did wonders for the stock price.

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    • Here is what the SEC web site says about mini tender offers.

      I remember someone on another site (MIR I think) talking about these. Said sometimes would be as long as 6 months before you got your money.

      Just beware.

    • IMO this is a scam hoping that some folks will send their shares and they can turn a quick profit. If there is a postage paid envelope in the package, I suggest you send it back empty and make them eat the postage.

    • Got this from TRC's web site when I tried to find out where the offices are.
      <TRC Capital business sale experts have collectively owned more than 20 businesses and facilitated over $500 million in transactions.>

      500 Mill probably will not even get you 25% ownership in just one of the smallest power facilites SO owns. These guys are small time. They have a bunch of generic company offerings on one of the pages looks like a load of BS to me.

      Any real tender offer would have to be at least 20% more than current market, and there are very few capital firms out their with enough resources to pull it off if any. Believe me if someone was trying to by SO it would be headlines on WSJ Forbes and all the major news outlets. SO is the one of largest power supply company in the US.

    • vickers
      Why should they get SO for 33.42 per share? They could have bought the 3 million shares they want on the open market over 2 weeks and not have affected the share price. This is some kind of test of the waters. If someone wanted to buy Southern Company they would probably need some large premium to the current stock price. Say 50% or more for example. I don't know anyone who thinks that SO is going lower in the next six months. If Fuel prices stabalize, hurricanes stay away and hot weather persists all of which are continuing to occur, why would anyone sell? Plus there will be another dividend payout soon.
      I am glad they are interested but their offer seems ridiculous.

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