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  • Jan 14, 2012 10:41 AM Flag


    I came onto SO to read some messages about SO and was reminded why I haven't been on a message board for a while. Anytime somebody mentions Obama they are deemed a "hater". The writers then proceed to use the word "hate" over and over. Makes me think where "hate" really lies.

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    • wrong board. go to the obama haters board for any future comments.
      This is the SO board.
      I am getting close to dumping SO as util stks have peaked. Take profits and reinvest later.

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      • There is nothing wrong with being political, it is a fact of life we all live with, the problem is that on an individual basis politics become partisan politics, whereby in your myopic view, the opposition can do nothing right to you, and his/her views are demonized, and becomes not only the opposition but the enemy, that is true for Repubs and Democrats alike and that is why if you read across many boards, Obama is the enemy now, just as Bush was previously, and the next president whomever it maybe will become. with that said, SO is a good stock to hold for the long term, kind of a modern day orphans and widows stock.

    • JIM WORKS:---You are correct---Most posters on this board "hate" posts which are tainted by the political position of the poster. I really like to use the word "dislike" rather than "haters"---However, it would be nice if the posters would keep their politics to themselves and we could juist discuss the relative merits of SO.

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      • How can anyone not see the connection between the generation of electricity and politics. One political party is in favor of stopping the use of all hydrocarbons and is very reluctant to use nuclear. This eliminates 100% of SO's business since they do not own any wind mills or solar panels (that I know of). The other party is in favor of striving to find a cleaner energy source and becoming energy independent while at the same time trying to ensure every american has access to affordable energy. This is a test...guess which party is which.

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