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  • acj5280 acj5280 Nov 5, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    anyone worried?

    after the earnings report today where do the ones who have followed this stock for awhile think it is headed near term. im new to the company and may have paid a little to much for it. but after all its a utility company that is growing its earnings, fairly safe investment 4% div.. its just the price action today that has me a concerend. thanks for any input .....acj

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    • As a fellow shareholder, I would say don't worry about "short-term" price action. Perhaps you didn't time your entry to get an immediate uptick profit. Welcome to the club....90% of us don't. There are some short term negatives right now. No need to list them. I have held SO for over 30 years. You will get your dividend. The price may yet go down further. DON'T SELL AT A LOSS! You will do fine in the long run. This is a great franchise. Stake your retirement on SO. I did many years ago and I am comfortable. You will be too if you think Long Term. :-)

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    • cbloswick Nov 7, 2012 4:59 PM Flag

      Time to buy more shares...

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    • . The price changes over short periods are not the most important things to worry about with Southern. The recent news of the $900 million design change/overrun on the new nuclear power plant is a much larger concern. The large amount of power Southern generates from carbon based sources may also be an issue if cap and trade laws drive up the cost of energy production. With Ben Bernanke promising to hold interest rates lower for at least two more years, the dividend yield should support the stock. If factors force a cut in the dividend, the price will reflect this by dropping sharply. If the stock is owned for income, price variation is much less important than dividend increases and stability. Price increases put a short lived smile on my face, but the payouts four times a year let me buy things I want or need. If you had a reason to buy the stock and it is still
      a good investment for that purpose holding it seems the most reasonable course. No
      one knows the future. Make your own decision based on your own reasons. Good luck

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    • If you're worried about one day's performance for this sterling company during a time of political decision you need to find your security blanket, have some milk and eat your cookie. LOL

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