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  • smaycs4 smaycs4 Nov 22, 2013 4:51 AM Flag

    The insider buy is probably meaningless

    Looks like a new director who probably has a mandate to own 10,000 shares or something.

    While $411k is a lot to you & me. Its not much to the SO directors who are all multi-millionaires and get hundreds of thousands per year for their board service.

    Im long SO....just saying.

    1-Nov-13 10,000 SO Purchase at $41.13 per share.
    (Cost of $411,300)
    10-Dec-12 500 SO Statement of Ownership

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    • no one throw away $411,000 around for no reason, better yet rich people who think twice before spending a $.

      SO will go up strongly into 2014 and beyond

    • I have no idea why utilities continue to get hammered each and every day as the overall markets continue to hit all time highs. This has been going on for a couple of months straight now.

      Look at ED and all the others. Certainly SO is right there in getting plastered.

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      • SO is trading at a big discount to other utilities cause of all the worries about Kemper cost overruns. If you compare charts of SO with other utilities like ED, AEP and PPL they all bottomed in September and starting moving back up except SO which has gone nowhere. Utilities have 2 headwinds right now. 1 no one wants to hold slow moving safety stocks in a raging bull market and 2. rising interest rates put pressure on Utility stock prices. I think all of these factors are creating a great buying oppertunity for SO. I currently have bought 75% of my position and Im saving the last buy incase we have a good correction in the market that puts more downside pressure on its price. If i can build a position at 5% yeild, I am more then happy holding this long term as I believe interest rates should stay low like 3.5% on 10 year or lower for several more years.

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