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  • sarghulca sarghulca Apr 8, 2011 11:27 AM Flag

    Business Performance Advisor???

    I heard in a recent radio ad that Insperity is now calling these salespeople who are either recent college graduates or former copier salespeople "Business Performance Advisors."

    Are you kidding me?

    What a joke!!!

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    • recent college grads or former copier salesman? Not even close. There are many fine accomplished professionals employed by Insperity. Friends that I will keep for life I myself was one of them. I am no longer there, and do not agree with how the sales department is run it certainly has nothing to do with the folks that are hired. No need to fire insults at the victims.

    • Yes - must be a joke, similar to the it to be interpreted as some "inspirational" stock/company? Too much corporate cool aid.

    • So JM is still head of sales? Hmmm. NSP (no such product, person?) has never had a sales leader who gets out to the field to meet reps (BPA!!) and clients,making real sales calls. Only place I ever worked where they ALL hide in the HQ.

      Business Performance? They used to have people in the field who really could help owners. With all the changes, the good ones are gone. With all the cuts, there's no one in the field. Have a question, call the toll-free number.

      At least the former sales v.p. was fired (what a pig he was, travelling the country, hitting on female sales reps!Wonder what the settlements cost NSP for him?)

      They could still be a leader if they had dynamic leadership that gets out of Kingwood and meets EEs and clients.

      What a shame. Paul, Steve, and Jay had a good thing going for a while. Too bad there are so many Texans, so many good 'ol boys, so much NIH thinking. You can't tell that it's a publicly traded company.

      Too bad the analysts who cover NSP don't understand the business. They should visit a few District Sales Offices to find the truth. Paul will NEVER allow that. In 10 years, he never visited one of my offices. The CEO of my former employer ($15 billion sales) made the rounds 4-5 days every month. He remembered peoples names from more than 100 global locations.

    • sosaykaiser Apr 10, 2011 5:48 PM Flag

      Simply a mask to hide your total incompetence and inability to succeed.

      How sad is that?

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