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  • money4mybabies money4mybabies Jan 21, 2008 1:22 PM Flag

    Rayat family Scams

    Before you invest in this, google the Rayat family.
    Especially Herdev and Harmel. They have more otcb stocks going than I have hair on my head, all with "Break through news" coming. Many of them have the infamous spin off companies or subsidaries. The sec has cease and disist orders against them but I am sure there are way to many spin off companies to catch them all. One of their companies is even a stock promotor website promoting penny stocks.

    According to Citron reasearch they print more paper than the NY Times, and all to themselves. Don't buy

    Here is just a little excerpt of what I found.
    Hepalife is the latest deal by Vancouver Stock Promoter Harmel Rayat. Mr. Rayat is the majority shareholder of Hepalife. Who is Mr. Rayat? Ask the Securites and Exchange Commission.


    As a matter of fact, the offices of Hepalife are the same offices as were those for, Mr. Rayat�s promotion company.

    For that matter, the offices of Hepalife are shared with four other companies that Harmel Rayat controls. Let�s see how these companies are doing so we can guess the fate of HPLF. All of the below companies share the same small office with Hepalife at 1628 West 1st Avenue, Suite 216 Vancouver, CA.

    ETHO- .25
    ETPT- .24
    EDAN- .25
    IPTH- .0001

    Rayat and family print more paper (to themselves) than the New York Times.or in his case the Vancouver Sun. Mr. Rayat has issued himself and his family TENS of MILLION of S-8 shares of HPLF, options and warrants at an average of $0.07

    Who is the new President/CEO?
    On September 23, 2003 Hepalife announced that Mr. Arian Soheili is the new President/CEO of Hepalife. Is he a researcher? Is he a Doctor? Is he a liver specialist? No, he is a front man for Harmel Rayat.

    Mr. Soheili used to be the treasurer, secretary, and director of Biommune (BIMM).now trading at .0001. The Rayat family were major shareholders in Biommune. And in order to keep the streak going, Biommune had a dubious history with the SEC for putting out false news to the public.

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