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  • kes4160 kes4160 Nov 19, 2009 12:28 PM Flag

    Clinical Trials?

    Does anyone know of a .gov site that has info on the last Hepalife Clinical Trials or a schedule for the next ones?
    I find a different company testing a device; but, not this one.

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    • I can't believe they only pay their CEO 84K/Year

      Take a look
      Simultaneously, the Company entered into an Interim Executive Services Agreement with Mr. Amit S. Dang pursuant to which Mr. Dang agreed to provide executive services to the Company. Mr. Dang has been appointed the Company’s Interim Chief Executive Officer, President and Secretary. Mr. Dang will receive a flat fee of $7,000 per month during the term of the Agreement. Mr. Dang was also granted an option to purchase, subject to vesting restrictions, up to 100,000 shares of the Company’s common stock, at a price of $0.32 per share (the closing price of the Company’s common stock as reported on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board on October 13, 2009. The Agreement may be terminated at any time by the Company, and upon 90 days prior written notice by Mr. Dang, for any reason whatsoever. It is not expected that Mr. Dang will devote his full time and attention to the Company’s operations.

      Read more:

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      • This company is like many BioTech R&D concerns in that they have very few employees. They own the assets and product rights and contract the researchers, technicians, and most of the management. The Board of Directors are mostly "Business people" that may have "some" background in the subject matter.

        Many CEOs and other officers and Directors hold similar positions in many companies and timeshare their efforts.
        That way they make great money and these small companies do not have to go broke paying them.

    • That one worked!
      As for the Stock Promoter Scam postings - I think there was something to it at one time; however, it looks like he used a lot of his money to fund this and this has become a really good company. It is, by nature, run on venture capital and he was the primary stock holder for years. There is no evidence of him "pump and dumping" this one.
      Awhile back, when there was a lot of BASHING because of him, he divested himself of enough stock so as to nolonger having more that 50%. He also backed off from his controlling position and only remained on the board, as he is on several other companies.

      I think he also made concessions on his returns from loans he made to the company. I have no concerns in that matter and think it takes "small minds" to keep digging that up. Maybe they are just trying to drive the price down so they can increase their holdings cheaply.

      More later.

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      • Glad the link worked. Have you tried to call the company to get more information?? I heard about this stock from a guy on a flight about 8 months ago. At that time it was .19, I thought I had missed the boat , but look like I may have been given a second chance. Hey FYI, take a look at NPHC you may find this intersting. Yes, I own some (long). Very intersting product. Once other question, I have watched this board for months and there never seems to be any activity. Do you think this could be the calm before the storm??

    •\\Hello check out thislink. Particularly the bottom. I have thought about buying some of thsi stock but everytime I get ready to pull the trigger I get a bad feeling. This company never seems to keep you informed. Also the company they bought the recent product from went bankrupt. No where did I see this in any of there SEC filings. I also saw at one time that the key person in this company may have been a little shady. What do you think of this company?? I would love to have your insight.

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      • Third time's the charm. I have tried to post replies twice since getting home and they both failed.

        First, The link - thanks for that one. I missed seeing that one,
        I have seen Vital's ELAD info for some time now. has them listed. Also, they are listed on sites looking for "Paying Participants" for Phase III trials in many locations across the country at this time.

        I believe their process is good; however, I think Hepalife's performs much better, more efficient, and is much smaller.
        It looks like Vital will be to market sooner than Hepalife's; although, there is going to be plenty of business for both and there is no-one running a close third.

        If Vital was a public listed company I would have stock in them also.

        I am going to post this and then more later.

      • No time right now. Have to leave. I will get back to you tomorrow.

        I have been holding stock for years. It is just frustrating some times.

        The bad word on the key person you mentioned is OLD news and I no longer think that is an issue.