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  • valueplantation valueplantation Apr 26, 2010 1:18 PM Flag

    what if..

    HPLF stock performance has been poor, no question. Still think that HPLF can be one of the big winners of 2010. The problem here is the testing regulations, they can take years and that's what happend to hepa. The long testing and waiting phases for various permission do not say anything about the quality of a technology, that can save many millions of lives. It's just quite normal that a company in this stage drives down every cost position until there is a "go". I believe after raising over 4,5 M in 2008 HPLF has been in that waiting mode phase. They just can't do anything until there are results from long term testing of their patented technology. Most shareholders might consider this as a bad sign. It might just be the only responsible way in a situation where nothing else can be done but wait.
    WHAT IF the waiting should be over? It seems, they've done something on their homepage lately. Might be a good idea to watch things closely.

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    • I never worked for them. But I've been selling 90% of my shares this week. And I tell you the reason: the acquisition was a big disapointment to me since it has nothing to do with the original business. This thing reminds me of stocks that dilute by changing the subject. If they made an acquisition related to the original business, I would have stayed in.

      Good luck to everybody.

    • Fifty cents? That is so funny. Do you have to get each email screened and approved by HPLF management before posting? Could you explain again how issuing 200 million more shares means "approval coming soon"?

    • LOL I haven‘t worked for them. Can understand anyones frustration being down >90% or so. I just collected some at the average of 0.20 being confident to be able to sell some around 0.50 and let the rest ride. At this point they can only fund/dilute if some concrete and significant results are on the table.

    • Right. So how long have you worked for them?

    • you guys make me rotflmao

      the 8k can IMO only meant, that there must be some kind of approval on the way. Time will tell.

    • Pretty much-- and even funnier, someone (probably a company officer) spent $1,200 to make the stock not appear to be suffering from the dilution. Up 49%! It must be a buy!!!

    • Doesn't this additional dilution at .001 make the entire amount of shares outstanding worth ZERO?

    • Millions in the bank? So why the 200 million more shares authorized Monday? What a joke.

    • Good morning! Harmel Rayat is not the owner, he's the major shareholder holding > 30 M. Known to be a talented stock promoter BTW.
      You can of course only promote something if there is something substantial.
      Here we have a great technology, still millions of cash in the bank, no debt and hopefully some good news on the way shortly so you might see dollars a share in order to get out or stay invested.
      What you can learn from this and allmost every small cap play is: buy and hold always kills you. My average is below 0.20. and there are very little shares I don't trade these days.

    • Speaking of OLD NEWS!
      Harmel Rayat is not THE owner of Hepalife. He is A major; but not, a controling interest shareholder.
      Also, he has not promoted this for years. As a matter of FACT, Harmel Rayat did fund the initial developement of Hepalife and because of that he diserves to profit from it when success arrives.
      I have probably owned shares of Hepalife longer than most and I still hold shares that cost me several dollars a share. I also own a lot that are green today.
      If you do not like it, sell and bug out! This one is slowly simmering and will flush the weak!

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