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  • microbac microbac May 1, 2011 11:35 AM Flag


    Thsi device will relvotionize the care of liver problems and save countless lives. This has never been done before. You could be looking at $20-$40 per share once it catches on world wide.

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    • I worked for a company called AIS, under Tom Okarma, Brillian t doctor and scientist, that worked on the cd8 cell line and medical devices to do a similar treatment. It got FDA approval, all ready to go into market, the insurance companies and medicare, hospitals all would not let patients access the treatments to cure liver cancer and others. So they got bought up by a French company for the patents and selling it in the EU. So much for our countries Hospitals wanting to heal patients.....I understand the techology and the devices they will use. I hope they can get past the Obamacare blocking new technologies like this. I had to sell all my stock and options back then.
      I am long on this stock and been in since they were hepalife, and the alqa company with the two other technologies is a plus, have faith, get the short sellers out and it will do well. research the science on and Liver Research group, very interesting and inciteful learning.

    • Technology

      Alliqua, through its wholly owned subsidiary AquaMed, develops, manufactures and markets electron-beam cross-linked sheet gels for use as transdermal delivery of medication, topical application of non-prescription drugs, wound/burn dressings with and without active ingredients, components in certain medical devices, treatments, cosmetics and other commercial products.

      Hydrogels are gel-like or colloidal substances made of water and solids. They can be created chemically (through a combination of ultra violet cross-linking and chemical interface), or by mixing polymer and water, and then exposing it to an electron beam creating a “sheet” of water. Alliqua believes that its hydrogels have a competitive advantage, in part due to the following product characteristics: painless adhesion to the human body, stability of form and composition, purity, reproducibility (manufacturing high quality product on a consistent basis), compatibility with active ingredients, and high water content.

      Many of the products of Alliqua’s competition feature physical characteristics which Alliqua believes are less desirable than its own hydrogels. These include aggressive skin bonding, chemical and form instability, lack of uniformity, low water content, odor and active receptivity issues.

    • Are you an investor or a cheerleader?

    • you folks need to stop scamming people. This stock is not going to no $7.50 per share

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      • I don't know where this stock price is going but I have some familiarity with transdermal applications. In addition, I took a position after I read about Dr. Phillip Frost's position in the security. I thought that this was a reasonable speculation based upon his looking at and taking an equity stake in the company. He is a world class investor/business leader and is trained in dermatology. I believed, based upon that information, that his position probably endorses this as a reasonable speculation in my mind. Obviously, my opinion only!

    • Welcome to Alliqua

      Apr 12, 2011

      Alliqua, Inc. Files Provisional Patent in the U.S. for Transdermal Delivery System


      NEW YORK, New York — April 12, 2011 — Alliqua, Inc. (OTCBB: ALQA) (FWB: HL1) (“Alliqua”), an advanced biomedical products company focused on the development and manufacturing of proprietary drug delivery and liver health technologies today announced the filing of a provisional patent application for its transdermal delivery technology with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The filing was based on positive results from recent studies that showed Alliqua’s hydrogel based patch technology successfully delivering an active pharmaceutical ingredient (“API”) with greater potential efficacy from both a time of onset and duration perspective. The patent application covers several specific characteristics of the technology and formulations which management believes are unique to its platform.
      “Filing the patent on these important innovations is a significant step towards securing our intellectual property position and moving forward with potential strategic relationships and commercialization,” said Matthew Harriton, CEO of Alliqua Biomedical, “We anticipate adding to the breadth of these filings as we further study the technology and its applications.”

      David Stefansky, Chairman of Alliqua, stated, “These filings demonstrate our continued efforts to develop intellectual property, which is protected and defensible and to insure the long-term commercial position of our products”

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