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  • kennbuck kennbuck May 10, 2011 4:09 PM Flag

    Huge Volume on Tuesday

    Over 1,600,000 shares of Alliqua crossed the board to-day. Around mid day there was one transaction for the purchase of 500,000 shares and another around 1 PM for 100,000 shares.

    Somebody must know something for these are big numbers for a 19 cent stock.

    Any ideas ???????

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      Mr Buffet did NOT invest 1 million dollars in this security that has been announced publicly! Dr. Frost did a private placement in this company for that amount.
      Patent Pending only means that paperwork has been sent to the USPTO. It does not imply that any such patent will be approved. In addition, the process at the USPTO takes about 2years or so to go thru the USPTO before any decision is made.
      Suggest you READ the 10K filing from March 2011 before you consider putting hard earned money in this security.
      Best regards

    • ddtay410 May 12, 2011 10:23 AM Flag

      Patten Pending. Buffett invested $1mm.

    • Thanx for that info regarding the huge buys......I bought more this a/m at .169 - as you can see, with reg. SHO there will be hell to pay from the shorts to deliver shs. They have up to 10 days, I believe, 13 max. There will be a huge squeeze here....just a matter of time...all this volume and they drove this thing down to where it started it I posted months ago: somethings gotta give here and it will......just be really enjoying this and the opportunity to load it up at fire sale prices. Also notice the price action of other micros during the Tues.-Wed. period of the week before options expiration week. This is nothing to do with the companies but merely MM volatility and technical manipulation, etc. Take it down some more MM's, go ahead, make my day....I dare you to take it down to .14 LOL the clock is ticking for them to get cheap shs here and they know it..........

    • Maybe they read the 10K filing from March 2011 or the story of The Emperor's New Clothes and decided that 19-20 cents was better than far less.