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  • aftermath1765 aftermath1765 Dec 6, 2012 7:25 PM Flag

    RE-Mortgage EVERYTHING Here @ .06 !!!!!!!

    thank me later at $1 - $1.25

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    • Sorry that is the worst investment tip ever. One should never, I repeat never go into debt or refi a mortgage to buy any stock, period.

      Investing in micro stocks is a risk, just like the Vegas crap tables, or as Charles puts it lottery.

      I invest for the fun of it and excitement of a chance, but also know it could lose too, I accept that.
      But to hype someone to remortgage or borrow to buy stock is bad, bad.

      As someone who likes the product line, I know it is a few years out from breaking a dollar, if they ever do, like I said I am a big risk taker and can handle it, if it craps out.

    • Can you do basic arithmetic? If this equity was $1-1.25/share that would mean that the company would be worth 260-325 million dollars. Are you nuts???
      It is ridiculous that this company has a value of 16 million dollars today IMHO. It probably is worth about 1 million dollars total for the corporate other words, about 1/5th of a penny!

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      • Charles, I do agree with you here on the first sentence. If anything Frost is investing for the patents and possible re-organization. I do notice since he bought a his millions in shares, more focus is on medical people with marketing and FDA Compliance, Validation backgrounds.

        Fun to wait and see, I already made my original investment back, what I have left is play money with ALQA. A wait and see approach.

        Like when you play black jack, you start with a pool of 500 bucks of your money. When you double your money, you cash out of the pool with your original 500. Then play with the winnings, every so often you pocket a little for yourself, then still paly with the winnings...

        At the same time, it could all go bust....but that is the nature of the game.....called gambling...Micro stock is the same deal. IMHO

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