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  • potwatcher.4523 potwatcher.4523 Mar 8, 2013 10:17 AM Flag

    An OTC company with new Nasdaq management

    That tells me something about their future fwiw. The executive lineup is major league. Those players dont buy into a little OTC company to make a few bucks and they dang sure dont have any interest in crashing their reputations by getting into a pump and dump scheme. Imo the signs say they have plans to make this tiny company into something much bigger. Jmo. GLTA

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    • One more thing the hacks forget. You can not buy the product as OTC at your local drug store. You can just ask a Pharmacist, he will ask to see your prescription to use it. Or call McKesson up and ask to buy a few cartons, see their answer...

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    • Do not listen to the people who claim this is just OTC products, they are off the deep end hacks. I am in FDA regulated biologics and medical device work. I found all I need to know, plus it is plain to see out there in various trade publications like Biopharma, Medical Device Mfr's Journal, and a few others.

      The products are registered under Surgical devices, treatments, and not OTC. Also the plant process is under cGMP requirements under CFR21.

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