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  • goldpicks goldpicks Apr 2, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    1,000,000 on the Bid

    Going up now

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    • I'm long 75000 shares. My mentor when I got my Series 7 in 1986 said stocks often move in the direction of supply. Nothing good or bad about it just the way it is he said.

      Could be the M?M are dying to trade that block. A few months ago i bought some ALCO stores there was something like 800,000 on the bid a dollar down from the ask the stock usually traded 10,000 a day. I stuck a bid in for some 10 cents above it I got it it went down and traded the big block. Two days later i sold it for $2 profit. Then they published that some EXEC retired wanted to sell most of his stock. You just don't know. So like i said it's not good or bad. Just supply demand.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy