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  • charleslusten charleslusten Sep 26, 2013 11:16 AM Flag

    My Opinion re:ALQA

    Any individual who has read these boards know how critical/negative I have been about ALQA.
    That said, I did go long about 2 weeks ago 500,000 shares with an average price of about 7.4 cents/share.
    I did that exactly for the reasons that had been previously innumerated by me:1) Phil Frost 2) Getting the management out of NYC and getting rid of the NYC managers 3) New Management team, most importantly. These new folks have credibility and a reasonable plan going into place as we can see from the recent announcements. Clearly, they will be calling on Docs with another company's product (which have credibility) BUT this will enable them to detail the ALQA products when they get in the door. All of this with the chance of products that are significant in their own right gave me the optimism to "take a shot" on the long side with ALQA.

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    • Good Post Charles, we have debated a few time on here. I have been long for a while. I, as you like the proactive changes in management and directors.

      The latest news with sorb is a good idea, it opens markets abroad for penetration of alqa product lines, as it also does here for sorb, which alqa will get a percentage of sales for the products they move. A win win, as it will lead to future collaborative events.

      With the uncertainty with the ACA ad what products they will cover under formulary and devices. The rest of the world is now wide open for ALQA product line, and the deal allows for no cost to get it into those markets under each countries FDA type agency.

      The deal with the Veterans Admin Medical Center Formulary is a already done deal and VA is using it in wound care. I have some fellow veterans who are getting treatment with it, They can see the marked improvement.

      As any small biotech company time is the best test, and the events over the last 8 months is very positive and not the old hype. I never trusted the others, but I liked from working knowledge the ideology and science aspects.

      stopped by there, when I was doing other work in Langhorne, They have a nice building there and people in the surrounding area to it are hopeful. If they gear up as sales improve as they planned for, Never let an opportunity to go by in life, one never knows.

      I look long, better odds than Vegas, All we have to do sit back and wait. I been long since for awhile.

      ALQA still holds the rights to the liver device and porcine cell lines, and the Hepamate. They could always get a co-collaborative deal with a major device maker, or for the cell lines.

      As you know Charles I am not a investment broker or prof-short person, I am a arm chair investor, who after 25+ years in facility and process ops management from injectable Biopharma to medical device companies, and semi retired from my stock options and investments in them

      Sentiment: Strong Buy