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  • notboesky notboesky Jul 9, 2012 11:33 AM Flag

    These guys must be idiots...

    They lay-off 115 employees, and need a $28 million charge for it?!?!?! Thats $243k per lay-off! That's a TON of severance. Why is it so high? That is way above industry average. They must like giving away the shareholders' money. Or they put in place a huge severance policy because management expects to benefit from it someday.

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    • They are in fact quite clever guys. Here is my guess. It seems to me that what they do is borrow cash from the banks and then give it to their employees as "forgivable" loans. No doubt the ponzi scheme is to offset the liability created when they borrow the money with the "assest" created when they make the loan to the employee. The loans to the employees are fogiven if they stay for a certain time or make other metrics. My bet is that if the company terminates the employee before the term of the loan then the loan is completely forgiven.

      Whatever they are doing, top management is raking in big bucks!

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