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  • JonahB9L JonahB9L Aug 12, 1998 10:51 AM Flag

    Anyone out there?

    The only thing less active than trading in FTIC is posting to this board.

    Anyone still out there?

    Just curious.

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    • Some of us did file complaints with the SEC with
      regard to the July 7 incident. We were branded 'whiners'
      and 'crybabies', and told to grow up and 'just let
      management take care of business'.

      Yeah, they've
      done a real bang-up job, haven't they?

      any of you management apologists out htere have
      changed your mind (now that your wallet's been picked
      again0, you can find the name and number of the SEC
      lawyer in post 234.

    • With reagrd to the July 7 incident some of us did
      contact the SEC (see posts 234 and 238). Of course, we
      were branded 'whiners', 'crybabies', etc. and told to
      grow up. We were told to 'just let management get on
      with taking care of business'. Well, they sure have,
      haven't they?

      If any of you management
      apologists out there have now changed your minds, go and
      look at post 234 for the name and phone number of the
      SEC lawyer.

    • I think the easy way it to blame the lawyers. I don't think FTIC is controled by lawyers? FTIC markets and sells to lawyers?

      Are there any fundementals leading this company to bankruptcy

    • Under the traditional or classic theory of
      insider trading, a corporate insider, such as an officer,
      director or controlling shareholder, who trades on
      material non-public information violates his duty to the
      corporation and its shareholders. However, the classic theory
      does not reach persons who misuse confidential
      information obtained from a source other than the corporation
      whose securities are traded. FTIC appears to meet the
      definition of "insider trading" in even the classical sense!

      On July 7, 1998, on high volume and no news
      releases until later on in the afternoon, this stock took
      about a four point plunge. The following day, it took
      another 3+ point plunge after news was released. Looking
      at what has happened today (high volume and sharp
      price declines on "no news" again)it appears that this
      stock is repeating the pattern. Well, enough is enough!
      I have already contacted the Nasdaq stock exchange
      and am taking some steps to at least get this company
      investigated at the very least. If the stock holders of Compaq
      could pursue litigation against compaq for less serious
      charges, why can't the shareholders of FTIC. Judging by
      the facts (as sparce as they may seem) any reasonable
      person can make observation that something is very shady
      with regards to what has happened to the stock price
      at certain times! Let's do something about it
      people, stop your bitching and take some action. If we
      work together (as was the case in the compaq
      shareholder suit) we to can at least get the wheels turning
      instead of sinking deeper into a "Chicago like pot hole"!
      Contact the Nasdaq stock exchange (E-mail Nasdaq at
      "" ) and at least make it known that this company
      may be blatantly violating securities laws. I know
      that most of you posting at the board have a far
      greater interest in this company that i do as my holding
      are probably peanuts compared to some of you! But
      hey, who likes to lose, especially when the rules have
      been bent to favor those few who have breached their
      duty of care to the rest of the stockholders! And if
      there are other sources to contact which could lead to
      a SEC investigation against FTIC, POST THEM HERE!

    • It looks like this stock has real earnings, real
      growth potential and it came out at 6. Why should it go
      below the bottom when the internet stocks have you to
      post a dime of earnings and are speculative.

      see no news since july when the earnings figures did
      not pan out.

      Is this company headed for
      bankruptcy or is it a good value play. I can find only one
      record of analyst veiws claiming the stock to be a
      strong buy. What really gives.

      BTY, If all this
      is caused by illeagal insider trading, aren't there
      civil suits that can be filed against the

      ??????what gives

    • Blame_It_On_The_BossaNova Blame_It_On_The_BossaNova Aug 17, 1998 12:30 PM Flag

      Look at this stock drop on high volume. The last
      time this happened, the stock was halted late in the
      day and pre-earnings announcements were

      Looks like the same scenario to me. Gee, here I am
      whining again.

      Let's hear from all you
      pro-management people out there.

    • Seems that the only activity in FTIC is more
      insider selling. With the stock down on no news, I guess
      the public will eventually hear about something bad,
      long after the "favored few" have been told. I hope
      some of those people go to jail for what happened in
      early July (dumping their shares on non-public
      information) - but I doubt they will. Looks like they are at
      it again now; just my opinion of course - and I hope
      I'm wrong .

    • No, the only thing less active than FTIC stock price is Strom Thurmonds urethra.

    • Not much interest right now....just a lot of waiting to see what happens.

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