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  • bman2000 bman2000 Aug 29, 1998 6:41 PM Flag

    Its called speculation

    When you bought in you knew that . Its the small
    thing. Big gains, big losses. Whats next ? If anybody
    out there
    has any info on whats going on inside
    this company, please
    post somthing. Anybody have
    email response? What do your
    brokers think?, not
    that it means much. All may not be lost yet,
    need info.

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    • I tried recommending this before but it appears to fall on deaf ears. They would rather complain than do something.

    • Ivonia Slade's number is 202-942-4757. Now tell
      me were you heard the news about the DNA contract
      and the possible stock split. Also if you give me
      email addresses at FTIC, I will send them email on my
      thoughts about the current situatiion.

    • FTIC split 4 for 1 and has been rallying strong since. No worries.

      It is nice to know that Monica cannot sue the government for cancer of the labia.

    • As I have already E-mailed and Called SEC, to no
      avail so far, it won't bother me to to harass a few
      more people to get my point across. The problem is (in
      my opinion) that this stock does not trade on heavy
      volume and quick decisive action does not appear to be
      in the horizon for the shareholders of FTIC. If this
      stock were a Compaq or a 3Com, things certainly would
      be moving at a frenetic pace and the shit really
      would hit the fan. As far as the SEC is concerned, the
      principles of the 1934 Act surely must not apply to
      companies like FTIC (even though it is etched in stone). I
      guess we can think of the SEC like the slow moving
      slugs at the State and Federal Agencies (The people
      working there are just there to collect their paychecks
      and making their jobs complicated will only result in
      further lines, red tape, and delays;kinda like the
      employees working at the unemployment office). It was
      obviously so fucking apparent that insider trading activies
      were occurring that even if the SEC wanted to take
      action now, they would be too fucking embarrased.

    • Where do you guys get your information?? I have
      not been able to find the news on the DNA contract at
      all. I have only heard about it here. If you can give
      me any addresses where I can get more company info I
      would appreciate it. I have also heard nothing about
      the stock split except on message boards. Please

    • About two weeks ago I contacted Ivonia Slade at
      the SEC's enforcement division and explained the
      circumstances surrounding FTIC. She said she could not tell me
      if there had been any other notifications and she
      was very reserve. However she did hint at the fact
      that the behavior in the stock price strange. I did
      not get much information out of her but she did take
      my complaint and said if I have any other
      information to please contact her again. Perhaps some of you
      may want to do the same just to put out the word that
      shareholders are unhappy. I think I will also take the advice
      of the previous message and email FTIC.

    • I would respectfully suggest that each of us
      E-mail FTI Consulting and remind the CEO about the
      unfortunate leak of information that occurred rectently
      reagarding the companiy's failure to meet earnings
      estimates, and suggest that this not happen again.
      fully intend to do so tomorrow.
      Put the company on
      notice that the next time this type of leak occurs,
      perhaps appropriate legal action can be taken, a class
      I lost my ass on this stock because of the leak and
      the information given to me by the company on the
      date the stock price fell dramatically.
      Don't call,
      a polite e-mail, or regular mail, will be
      Send a copy to the SEC.
      Don't sit back and do
      nothing, because nothing will be done.

    • Bill should abstain rather than stain.
      It was
      decent of Bill to admit he was lying, after he found out
      about the dress.
      I particularly liked the part where
      he shed tears,,,,,because he got caught.
      It is a
      rare man indeed that does not repent when his ass is
      on the line.
      I know I forgive him. Hell, who
      He lied to God, his wife, his daughter, in a sworn
      deposition, in sworn Grand Jury testimony, to his cabinet
      members, to White House Staff members, to every living
      breathing son of a bitch that was stupid enough to believe
      I am proud to say I was not in that camp.
      Bill's nose grew every time he lied, he couldn't turn
      around in the state of Texas without hitting an
      adjoining state.
      But let us keep the lying bastard in
      office, so the rest of the world can have a good laugh at
      our expense. Show them we have a sense of
      Every time I see him now, I crack up. I see the cigar
      and wonder who the hell he gave it to? Which Senator
      smoked that stoogie???
      Democrat or
      Hillary perhaps? Hey what??
      Well, I have to go now.
      There is some priest on TV right now telling the world
      that Bill is repentent and that forgiveness must be
      the way.
      Sure he is repentent now, HE GOT

    • They found a wad of bills in the pocket.

    • FTIC lost another contract.
      Rumor has it that
      FTIC experts were retained to conduct appropriate DNA
      tests on the Presidential Seal, due to allegations of
      uncontrolled eruptions by the President while discussing
      business with an intern, name unknown.
      The President
      has denied erupting, has denied that any alleged
      eruption tainted, stained or otherwise landed upon the
      Presidential Seal, and denied that THAT woman's lips touched,
      brushed by or approached the Presidential
      The President subsequently admitted that someone's
      lips were in the vicinity of the said privates, that a
      small eruption may have occurred, however he continued
      to deny any contact by said eruption with said
      Thereafter, the President elaboarated, stating that THAT
      woman's lips DID in fact touch said privates; that said
      privates did in fact ERUPT; and that said eruption did in
      fact stain, make contact with, and land upon
      everything within 26 feet of said privates.
      That evening,
      the President did appear on television and did
      apologize for getting caught, er, ah , I mean, allowing
      lips to contact privates with eruptions

      In light of this immediate admission by the
      President, the testing contract with FTIC was cancelled, and
      it is unlikly that this loss will be made up this
      Ftic is expected to announce a 2 for 1 stock split
      within the next 30 days.
      Things are looking

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