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  • jing_sun01 jing_sun01 Dec 24, 2007 9:11 AM Flag

    Calling 15.xx next week...Maybe 20.xx

    The guys like Coco is what we called a classic "Pig" - Bulls make money, Bears make money, only Pigs get slaughtered on Wall Street. The Pigs definition? They buy high, sell low, and always bet against the trend. In the case of Coco, he doesn�t even know how to read an earning report, how to listen to a CC, and choose to ignore company�s business fundamentals. All he does is trying to play with a stock, and gamble his little money chasing a stock when it�s high, and shorting a stock when it�s low. The end result is, all these guys (mostly day traders) only last for a short period of time, sometimes just months before they lose all their little money and disappear completely, especially when the markets are volatile like they are right now and stocks have frequent swings. Let�s just say that, the money we make have to come from some losers. It is too bad that Coco only has that little money yet he still forces us to take all of them away from him. But hey, what can we do? He wanted to sell short SDTH at $6, we had to be on the receiving end right?

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!